Mark Christopher’s 54

54 Ryan Phillippe Beckin Meyer aindreas-com

Want to see a movie about club life? This is it. The recently released (2015) director’s accomplished cut of 54 a film from 1998.   Mark Christopher, writer and director of 54 deserves credit for giving a marvelous erudition of disco club life, and life at a certain period, the real Saturday Night Fever. What a great film depiction. Ryan Phillippe and Breckin Meyer pictured below. Mike Myers gives a wonderful nuanced performance, and is a revelation, as the maestro of Studio 54’s Steve Rubell. Ryan Phillippe knocks it into the park as do all depicted and the director’s & Read More

L’Armée du salut

Abdellah Taia L’Armée du salut Salvation Army

Salvation Army, L’Armée du salut, Abdellah Taia’s ( second directorial film from 2013 based on son troisième roman écrit, le Bildungsroman, L’Armée du salut. Il a pour thème la jeunesse de l’auteur et son éveil sexuel, à travers deux histoires en parallèle. L’une raconte les souvenirs d’enfance et d’adolescence de l’auteur au Maroc, construits autour de l’importance de son frère aîné. L’autre traite de sa liaison avec un universitaire suisse alors qu’il est étudiant et son arrivée à Genève. I like how he tells it, it’s not a pretty story, and it’s based on his growing up on Morocco, mostly. Read More

iamamiwhoami Blue

iamwhoami -

The ethereal iamamiwhoami, Swedish singer-songwriter has an audio visual fiesta out from Vimeo-on-demand and the like. Luv the audio. Bounty from Blue from iamamiwhoami: From fountain from iamamiwhoami: See for more. Original images above (c) iamamiwhoami, and manipuliated by me.

20 ans d’écart aka It Boy


Hands down my current favourite romantic humorous film from 2013. Alice Lantins ( Virginie Efira [twitter]) is the ambitious and workaholic editor of the fashion magazine Rebelle and returns from Brazil to Paris to scheme and loses her flash memory in the airplane. However, the student of architecture Balthazar Apfel ( Pierre Niney de la Comédie française) finds it and calls Alice to tell her.. Pierre Niney (twitter) portrayed Yves Saint Laurent in one of the two 2014 bio pics of the great man, and a film worth seeing for his portrayal and the sumptuous costumes. The above has to Read More

Banshee v Clementine v Rhythmbox

Bamshee Clementine aindreas-com

My Banshee audio player crashed again so will try out Clementine ( And a few days later…that was easy Clementine wins… so long as I get ( access. And a few days later.. have stopped using audio player. Luv’d Banshee and it’s not the same without it. Here’s to the release of a more compatible stable other than with KDE release.  Clementine takes getting used to. Might look into Rhythmbox. What’s would be on my audio of an afternoon.. while I DIY about the house? An audio book from eg, podcasts via Banshee eg, or something Read More

Novel: Forman Brown aka Richard Meekers Better Angel

An audio recording of Better Angel, by Richard Meeker ie Forman Brown . Via the Internet Archive. A nice addition to your audio player. Nicely read by Greg W. In 1933 Forman Brown published the novel called Better Angel. It being 1933 it was controversial story matter and as such published under the pseudonym Richard Meeker. The protagonists story being of a young man coming to terms with him being gay though gay back then meant jolly… It’s quiet contemporary. The author is not well known this side of the Atlantic, maybe due to the small volume of books written. Read More

2014 Movie Gems : Reese Witherspoons The Good Lie


Update: It got released cine-side! The Good Lie What can I say. Am impressed with Reese Witherspoon. Have your hankies at the ready. Know what, I couldn’t look away from the screen, Ger Duany and of course R. Witherspoon (both in the picture below,) stand out. I can imagine alot of actors of R. Witherspoon standing would/ could demand a bigger presence, such as in this film produced in part by Ron Howard (if memory servers me). Faultless direction by French Canadian Philippe Falardeau. The main protagonists relate to the story as they come from that background. The story, includes an Read More

Sunday with Miriam

miriam o'callaghan Sundays with Miriam

RTÉ – Sunday with Miriam & Irish Minister Leo Varadkar Miriam O’Callaghan has a great weekly Sunday morning radio show, where she interviews guests podcast xml address below. ‘Tis always good to add quality radio to your Banshee etc. On his 36th birthday, Minister for Health Leo Varadkar spoke to Miriam this morning about his career, his family and his personal life. He spoke for the first time about being a gay man. The first minister in office in Ireland to ever come out, good on him. Podcast mp3       Miriam O’Callaghan’s weekly RTÉ radio programme – Read More

2014 Movie Gems: Last Weekend


Last Weekend unfolds over the course of a long Labor Day weekend at the end of the summer at Lake Tahoe, California. Mum Celia Green (Patricia Clarkson) is at a crossroads. From Co-Directors Tom Williams and Tom Dolby a very fine movie. I’m a sucker for beautifully filmed stories, and it’s a simple story well shot, nice bit of directing and editing. Luv this film, the story is simple and very well done, and  I want a house like that. It’s well scripted, great camera work, wonderful choice of actors. Delightful, nuanced acting. Patricia Clarkson doesn’t just nail it as Read More

Comic: We Can Be Heros


The embeded comic was written by Darrin O’Toole, art by Barry Keegan, colours, letters and design by Dee Cunniffe. Based on the true story of John Byrne who was begging on O’Connell Bridge wh!en his bunny got thrown into the river We Can Be Heroes by Darrin O’Toole For more free webcomics or to buy further work visit