20 ans d’écart aka It Boy

Hands down my current favourite romantic humorous film from 2013. Alice Lantins ( Virginie Efira [twitter]) is the ambitious and workaholic editor of the fashion magazine Rebelle and returns from Brazil to Paris to scheme and loses her flash memory in the airplane. However, the student of architecture Balthazar Apfel ( Pierre Niney de la Comédie française) finds it and calls Alice to tell her..
20 ans d'ecarta IT Boy Aindreas.com

Pierre Niney (twitter) portrayed Yves Saint Laurent in one of the two 2014 bio pics of the great man, and a film worth seeing for his portrayal and the sumptuous costumes. The above has to be one of the classic snog photos and from a poster, of any given time..

20 ans d'ecartd AINDREAS.COM it boy FILM
I was looking for a good quality video promo with english, and came across the complete on youtube! This is a movie you will want in your film collection, if like I you like to buy ones you will rewatch again and again. I like my physical collection of discs, though I read somewhere – one of the big U.S coffee chains has stopped selling cds, so maybe discs are on the way out or will end up like vinyl records, collectables.

Original on-line promotional images have been modified by me.