2014 Movie Gems: Last Weekend

Last Weekend unfolds over the course of a long Labor Day weekend at the end of the summer at Lake Tahoe, California. Mum Celia Green (Patricia Clarkson) is at a crossroads. From Co-Directors Tom Williams and Tom Dolby a very fine movie. I’m a sucker for beautifully filmed stories, and it’s a simple story well shot, nice bit of directing and editing.

 Dinner in Last Weekend
Luv this film, the story is simple and very well done, and  I want a house like that. It’s well scripted, great camera work, wonderful choice of actors. Delightful, nuanced acting. Patricia Clarkson doesn’t just nail it as Celia Green, more she eviscerates her character. Can you eviscreate and still be subtle? She’s a very fine actor. Joseph Cross is Roger Green. Devon Graye (which was on the NBS tv series Night Shift in 2014 if I’m not mistaken) as Luke Caswell. Perfect film in my book and deserves a wide audience. Judith Light (, remember Who’s the Boss?) as Veronika Goss has a nice little cameo.

It’s available from Amazon USA for pre-order DVD and Instant download and iTunes.  I highly recommend it. Would love to see it on the local big screen and would go as far as saying it would be one of my favourite’s of 2014. One I will buy the DVD of. Which immediately brigs to mind another gem.

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