2014 Movie Gems : Reese Witherspoons The Good Lie

Update: It got released cine-side!

The Good Lie

What can I say.
Am impressed with Reese Witherspoon. Have your hankies at the ready.
Know what, I couldn’t look away from the screen, Ger Duany and of course R. Witherspoon (both in the picture below,) stand out. I can imagine alot of actors of R. Witherspoon standing would/ could demand a bigger presence, such as in this film produced in part by Ron Howard (if memory servers me). Faultless direction by French Canadian Philippe Falardeau.

Reese Witherspoon Ger Buany The Good lie

The main protagonists relate to the story as they come from that background. The story, includes an NGO, though doesn’t mention the UNHCR nature of the Somalian resettled refugees, it’s a significant difference this status not aired and I guess most folks wouldn’t notice it (and haven’t a notion what I’m talking about). It’s probable it’s the story behind some of the officialdom scenes later on into the film, and maybe in making a film that in anyones estimation is pretty much flawless this is how you do it. It’s appears quiet heartfelt.

Available for VOD. I did a double take that it’s not getting a full on release in the cinemas. I guess that is what modern cinema is now – all comic book/ kids movies.  It is this film that has decided something for me, I will no longer be concentrating on movies in cinemas for blogging content.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo [http://www.mambazo.com/] below. Not gonna put up the trailer. Gem of a film.

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