Banshee v Clementine v Rhythmbox

My Banshee audio player crashed again so will try out Clementine (
And a few days later…that was easy Clementine wins… so long as I get ( access. And a few days later.. have stopped using audio player. Luv’d Banshee and it’s not the same without it. Here’s to the release of a more compatible stable other than with KDE release.  Clementine takes getting used to. Might look into Rhythmbox.

Bamshee Clementine aindreas-com-

What’s would be on my audio of an afternoon.. while I DIY about the house? An audio book from eg, podcasts via Banshee eg, or something eclectic, ambient from Magnatune ( – no like the ads in the middle of tunes)  or Jamendo.

Images used are from the respective website mentioned & linked.
Mashup graphic from images courtesy of jmottola, Joe:
and I am more than words, stay don’t go

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