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Mark Christopher’s 54

Want to see a movie about club life? This is it. The recently released (2015) director’s accomplished cut of 54 a film from 1998.
54 Ryan Phillippe aindreas-com


Partners Rubell and Schrager of Studio 54
Partners Rubell and Schrager of Studio 54

Mark Christopher, writer and director of 54 deserves credit for giving a marvelous erudition of disco club life, and life at a certain period, the real Saturday Night Fever. What a great film depiction. Ryan Phillippe and Breckin Meyer pictured below. Mike Myers gives a wonderful nuanced performance, and is a revelation, as the maestro of Studio 54’s Steve Rubell.

Ryan Phillippe Sela Ward aindreas-com

Ryan Phillippe knocks it into the park as do all depicted and the director’s & writer’s one and the same eye that adroitly tells the story. At original time of release it was cut extensively by the Weinstein brothers’ Miramax. Made around the same time as Boogie Nights though didn’t survive its post re-editing release. Thankfully I never saw the original. So I am reviewing the director’s cut which finally made light of day post Disney acquiring it! Order it now from your DVD supplier or catch it in a few of the festivals showing it.

Disco-Disco has a great write up of Studio 54:
“Beside all the famous guests of the Studio 54, the club also managed to get all the best DJ’s to play there as well. All of the famous DJ’s like; John “Jellybean” Benitez, John Ceglia, Tony Humphries, Sharon White, Kenny Carpenter, Robbie Leslie, Tony Carrasco and many others, moved the crowd from the clubs legendary horseshoe shaped DJ-booth.”

Photos manipulated by me from MarkChristoph54 on twitter,, IMDB, disco-disco, &

20 ans d’écart aka It Boy

Hands down my current favourite romantic humorous film from 2013. Alice Lantins ( Virginie Efira [twitter]) is the ambitious and workaholic editor of the fashion magazine Rebelle and returns from Brazil to Paris to scheme and loses her flash memory in the airplane. However, the student of architecture Balthazar Apfel ( Pierre Niney de la Comédie française) finds it and calls Alice to tell her..
20 ans d'ecarta IT Boy

Pierre Niney (twitter) portrayed Yves Saint Laurent in one of the two 2014 bio pics of the great man, and a film worth seeing for his portrayal and the sumptuous costumes. The above has to be one of the classic snog photos and from a poster, of any given time..

20 ans d'ecartd AINDREAS.COM it boy FILM
I was looking for a good quality video promo with english, and came across the complete on youtube! This is a movie you will want in your film collection, if like I you like to buy ones you will rewatch again and again. I like my physical collection of discs, though I read somewhere – one of the big U.S coffee chains has stopped selling cds, so maybe discs are on the way out or will end up like vinyl records, collectables.

Original on-line promotional images have been modified by me.

2014 Movie Gems : Reese Witherspoons The Good Lie

Update: It got released cine-side!

The Good Lie

What can I say.
Am impressed with Reese Witherspoon. Have your hankies at the ready.
Know what, I couldn’t look away from the screen, Ger Duany and of course R. Witherspoon (both in the picture below,) stand out. I can imagine alot of actors of R. Witherspoon standing would/ could demand a bigger presence, such as in this film produced in part by Ron Howard (if memory servers me). Faultless direction by French Canadian Philippe Falardeau.

Reese Witherspoon Ger Buany The Good lie

The main protagonists relate to the story as they come from that background. The story, includes an NGO, though doesn’t mention the UNHCR nature of the Somalian resettled refugees, it’s a significant difference this status not aired and I guess most folks wouldn’t notice it (and haven’t a notion what I’m talking about). It’s probable it’s the story behind some of the officialdom scenes later on into the film, and maybe in making a film that in anyones estimation is pretty much flawless this is how you do it. It’s appears quiet heartfelt.

Available for VOD. I did a double take that it’s not getting a full on release in the cinemas. I guess that is what modern cinema is now – all comic book/ kids movies.  It is this film that has decided something for me, I will no longer be concentrating on movies in cinemas for blogging content.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo [] below. Not gonna put up the trailer. Gem of a film.

Pics (c)

2014 Movie Gems: Last Weekend

Last Weekend unfolds over the course of a long Labor Day weekend at the end of the summer at Lake Tahoe, California. Mum Celia Green (Patricia Clarkson) is at a crossroads. From Co-Directors Tom Williams and Tom Dolby a very fine movie. I’m a sucker for beautifully filmed stories, and it’s a simple story well shot, nice bit of directing and editing.

 Dinner in Last Weekend
Luv this film, the story is simple and very well done, and  I want a house like that. It’s well scripted, great camera work, wonderful choice of actors. Delightful, nuanced acting. Patricia Clarkson doesn’t just nail it as Celia Green, more she eviscerates her character. Can you eviscreate and still be subtle? She’s a very fine actor. Joseph Cross is Roger Green. Devon Graye (which was on the NBS tv series Night Shift in 2014 if I’m not mistaken) as Luke Caswell. Perfect film in my book and deserves a wide audience. Judith Light (, remember Who’s the Boss?) as Veronika Goss has a nice little cameo.

It’s available from Amazon USA for pre-order DVD and Instant download and iTunes.  I highly recommend it. Would love to see it on the local big screen and would go as far as saying it would be one of my favourite’s of 2014. One I will buy the DVD of. Which immediately brigs to mind another gem.

Pics (c)

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Deutsch lernen mit Chrolli & aindreas

Ah Verbotene Liebe, you haven’t seen it? It’s a German drama avail with english subtirles, aas well as subs in other languages. Two of it’s wonderful cast are Christian and Oliver, you have a long story line in it… Which has changed over the years…

I love Chrolli, as much for the actors (Thore Schölermann and Jo Weill) playing the characters as the plots in VL – Verbotene Liebe. VL led the field with soaps everywhere with its strong unfazed and naturally presented gay relationship. I haven’t watched it in awhile. Not since Nanna stopped. For various reasons, including doing a degree. The degree in law is in the bag so next..

Update: FINISHED my degree! Must get back to watching VL.. and this post is probably put of date is but no spoilers here.
Update VL had been cancelled so the 2015 season will be the last.

Jo Weill aindres-com
Gratuitous Photo (c) Jo Weill’s FB page

Since Ichglotzutube stopped, the lads have been busy by the looks of it. Am free now to watch everything again. Where to start watching, at the beginning with Nanna’s videos, the last video playlist below. German with English subtitles. Jo Weill’s FB page above has video playlists details. Update: I’ve copied over the Jo Weill FB links, see under the videos. Note: on some videos the sub titles aren’t obvious. To view sub titles, go to full screen video and click on open captions button.

If you don’t speak German, as I don’t (yet) Deutsche-Welle ( have a superb interactive facility to start learning (English/Russian/German)….  You just join up here for free! Free learning am a sucker for.

“To view all the entire storyline of Verbotene Liebe’s “Christian and Oliver”, you can find the you tube uploads (Many thanks to Nanna and Mercury May) with English Subtitles at the following Links:

Playlist 1 (Nanna’s)

Playlist 2 (Nanna’s)

Playlist 1 (Mercury May’s)

Playlist 2 (Mercury May’s) Subtitles found here :

Playlist 1 (Chrolli Worldwide)

To view the Chrolli storyline in Spanish, the link are:

To view the Chrolli storyline in Seberian, the link is :

To view the Chrolli storyline in Russian, the link is:

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Leo runs into Caro, a childhood school friend.

El cuarto de Leo: Leo’s Room, A beautiful simple observation

Leo’s Room ( El cuarto de Leo), a movie for your classic gay film library.

Leo runs into Caro, a childhood school friend. The casual re-encounter is observed as are other interludes in Leo’s life in the city, and I guess you could say he stands at a cross roads. Directed by Uruguayan, a fine debutant Enrique Buchichio, with this his first film impressed no less than Variety), he shows a thoughful calm observant eye for Martín Rodríguez  as Leo.
Leos Room aindreas -c om gay film Uruguay Argentina movie

Actors Martín Rodríguez, Cecilia Cóser & Director Enrique Buchichio won critical praise at the Ateneo de Montevideo 2010
Actors Martín Rodríguez, Cecilia Cóser & Director Enrique Buchichio won critical praise at the Ateneo de Montevideo 2010.

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Gayby, a gay movie for the holidays

Am currently playing around with the site back-end. Hope you like progress on the newbie As before I will write up on gay movies and film. Watch this space.
Here’s one I heard about recently. Gayby. A play on words, gay and baby..
Jenn (straight) and Matt (gay) are best friends from college who are now in their thirties. Single by choice, they decide to fulfil a youthful promise.. Gaby, an alright holiday gay movie pick to assist over the holidays! Very dryly (drolly?) told story, I like. Jonathan Lisecki‘s written & directed movie stars Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas (who was in the excellent The New Twenty, currently in Spiderman Turn of the Dark on Broadway, ) and Mike Doyle. Available on Netflix. Great to watch a movie with actors not in puberty.

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Apartment Zero

Apartment Zero, now where’s the stage play?

Apartment-Zero- buy on Amazon


So, a movie set in Buenos Aires.

If you are familiar to the pre 2013 you know this is kinda a repost. I plan on doing more of same of my favourites.
Apartment Zero is one I only saw recently. Does Buenos Aires well, reminds me of Colm Tóibín‘s The Story of the Night: A Novel. A brilliantly atmospheric novel. Colm s book is also set in Argentina, though in a time a little earlier, in the time of the General, a time when the streets were empty at night, and people trained themselves not to see. It makes for a great companion piece to the movie and will stay longer after I reckon.
Alors que Buenos Aires sort de la dictature, Adrian Leduc, jeune dandy couvert de dettes, est contraint de partager son appartement avec un autre locataire. Il s’agit du charmant Jack Carney très vite apprécié des autres locataires, à la différence d’Adrian. Leur relation ambiguë va peu à peu se transformer en amitié,
Interesting movie that passed me by on it’s original release – I lived in Paris at the time which might explain it. Great story, Hart Bochner is stunning [exhibit one above]. In a previous post about this movie [which didn’t survive my blitzing of pre 2013 content,] a commenter* was equally praising of the writers behind the script. It deserves a stage production. Is made for theatre in my estimation, and would love to see other folks bring their interpretation to the characters. For me the story just shies away a bit on some of the [non-]relationship at the centre and the brutal crescendo between the two main characters played by Hart and Colin Firth. But maybe that’s just how a tale of psychopathic’ nature is? Directed and co written by Martin Donovan, and co-written by David Koepp. Mr. Donovan is a protege of the great Luchino Visconti *.


Colin Firth Apartment Zero aindreas-com

Am excellent mashup by RainbOnThePrettyOnes below.

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Ausente una película de Marco Berger

Aussente/ Absent tells the story of a kid and one of his teachers. Not what that sentence immediately suggests [these days?].

Another great South American and Argentinian film, I think many of my straight pals would remark favourably on it post view, It’s basically a three piece, in that of a strong direction and two (in the main great, though there are more than two actors in the movie) actors. The director Marco Berger[and below) also wrote it and his two fine actors, Carlos Echevarría who plays coach Sebastián and Javier De Pietro as Martin put in faultless acting. Marco elicted equally fine performances in his previous movie, Plan B.

The photo in this post is suggestive, as is the film, though you would be incorrect in what assumption. Watch the movie and you’ll understand…and in all likelihood will want to watch it again.

Ausente Aindreas-com
Marco Berger also directed Plan B, another sublime película that I highly recommend and will post a review of.

Ausente aindreas-com

Marco Berber pictured, on vimeo.
marco-berger aindreas-com

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La Grande Bellezza di Paolo Sorrentino

Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza is a work of art. I found it in the end quiet moving, like the protagonist Jep Gambardella, you, come see it’s beauty, what beauty really is. I would advise seeing it in a cine. I am fortunate to have the best cine in Dublin close by, the Lighthouse, which is a fitting venue.
La Grande Bellezza AINDREAS-COM
Paolo Sorrentino La Grande Bellezza AINDREAS-COM  It is a story of an aging writer who recollects his lot, his life, his presence. La Grande Bellezza di Paolo Sorrentino. [The photo below is of Paolo and the film’s central  protagonist Toni Servillo.].

Tis funny how you gravitate towards some film.
So too with the film La Grande Bellezza directed by Paolo Sorrentino, the films’s eclectic music is worth checking out.


Paolo sean penn Nocturcal deviantart-com aindreas-com also directed This Must Be the Place from 2011, which had Sean Penn as the main protagonist.
The wry perfectly goofy pic by Nocturcal is of Sean Penn’s character in This Must Be The Place. I hadn’t realised the same director did both, which was a great surprise.

This Must Be The Place is worth the seeing for Penn alone, Is only worth seeing for Penn alone. It is a folly, in comparison and if Paolo were to make it better, get rid of all other characters except his wife, the male kid, the mother and the old man. It’s wonderfully set in Dublin too, mostly. Saying that I’ll get it out again.



La Grande Bellezza music aindres-comLa Grande Bellezza’s beautiful score is rendered on a CD set, one with eighteen tracks the other with twenty one including The Lamb. Via EMI, The compilation includes choice pickings from La discoteca, performed by Exch Pop True [bootleg below] and Everything Trying, written and performed by Damien Jurado.

La Grande Bellezza’s Far l’amore by Bob Sinclair below.

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