Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConaughey

Jean-Marc Vallée’s Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto look like they will stop the traffic with it. the sweet Jennifer Garner stars in it also with the screeplay by Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack. Based on the true story set in 1986 in Dallas, of a man diagnosed with HIV who began smuggling alternative medicine with Rayon an HIV-positive transgender woman. This at a time it must be remembered when Ronald Reagan was in power in the USA, from 1981 -1987. And for seven out of those eight years he refused to say the AIDS word let alone acknowledge the AIDS epidemic that was happening at the time. By ’95 – in New York alone – more Americans had died of AIDS than had been killed in the Vietnam war. The italiced is a quote from page 474 of John Irving’s novel, which I review here, his thirteenth novel, In One Person I have seen criticism of the story but it can’t be over-estimated the dreadful impact Reagan’s (and the like) ignorance had in condemning a generation to death to put it simply. That’s what his inaction did, and that’s the backdrop of this story.

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Have always admired Jared Leto films and music. Truly is a chameleon. For fun I’ve flipped the image and did the usual of me heightening colours. I know it’s not everybodies cup of tea but hey. Deadline recons that the performances of Matthew and Jared are prime Oscar contenders for their roles in the Dallas Buyers Club.
Summer Fling was the first film I saw Jared Leto (pic below) in, though in Ireland it was called The Last of the High Kings. The Last of the High Kings also stars
Gabriel Byrne. They add to a nice little story based in and around Dalkey if I remember correctly, and in County Dublin in Ireland. It also has a very young Cristina Ricci in it, I must get it out again over the weekend.
The Last of the High Kings
If you aren’t familar with Jared Leto’s eclectoic site check it out.
Jared’s also a member of the super successful rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars, along with his brother Shannon and Tomo Miličević.