Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza is a work of art.

La Grande Bellezza di Paolo Sorrentino

Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza is a work of art. I found it in the end quiet moving, like the protagonist Jep Gambardella, you, come see it’s beauty, what beauty really is. I would advise seeing it in a cine. I am fortunate to have the best cine in Dublin close by, the Lighthouse, which is a fitting venue.
La Grande Bellezza AINDREAS-COM
Paolo Sorrentino La Grande Bellezza AINDREAS-COM  It is a story of an aging writer who recollects his lot, his life, his presence. La Grande Bellezza di Paolo Sorrentino. [The photo below is of Paolo and the film’s central  protagonist Toni Servillo.].

Tis funny how you gravitate towards some film.
So too with the film La Grande Bellezza directed by Paolo Sorrentino, the films’s eclectic music is worth checking out.


Paolo sean penn Nocturcal deviantart-com aindreas-com also directed This Must Be the Place from 2011, which had Sean Penn as the main protagonist.
The wry perfectly goofy pic by Nocturcal is of Sean Penn’s character in This Must Be The Place. I hadn’t realised the same director did both, which was a great surprise.

This Must Be The Place is worth the seeing for Penn alone, Is only worth seeing for Penn alone. It is a folly, in comparison and if Paolo were to make it better, get rid of all other characters except his wife, the male kid, the mother and the old man. It’s wonderfully set in Dublin too, mostly. Saying that I’ll get it out again.



La Grande Bellezza music aindres-comLa Grande Bellezza’s beautiful score is rendered on a CD set, one with eighteen tracks the other with twenty one including The Lamb. Via EMI, The compilation includes choice pickings from La discoteca, performed by Exch Pop True [bootleg below] and Everything Trying, written and performed by Damien Jurado.

La Grande Bellezza’s Far l’amore by Bob Sinclair below.

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