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Mimamilist green flooring.

Interactive Stretchy Wall

Neat idea!
An interactive media installation created in collaboration with Mike Allison. A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire-like visuals and expressively play.
Now a whole wall of it at home would be so cool!


Am currently thinking renovating my house. Japan interior design team, bakoko made up of Kayoko Ohtsuki and Alastair Townsend… photos below are from their post http://www.bakoko.jp/87513/795943/works/m-mansion

Small house/ apartment renovations.
Small house/ apartment renovations.

small-apartment-with-modern-minimalist-design-aindreas-com-2 small-apartment-with-modern-minimalist-design-aindreas-com-3

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