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Les nuits fauves par Cyril Collard

Les nuits fauves par Cyril Collard

Jean is young, gay, and promiscuous. Only after he meets one or two women, including Laura does he come to realize his bisexuality. Cyril Collard wrote, directed and starred in the film and won a Best First Film at the Césars in 1993. One of four Césars. What a year.
Cyril-Collard-Savage-Nights-aindreas-com-620x533 Cyril’s everything saturates the film, he and Romane Bohringer stand out. It won Césars in Best Film, Best First Film, Best Film Editing, and Best Female Newcomer – Romane Bohringer.
Cyril singing Là-bas (down there).

As well as the dvd of the movie [click image above], there’s what looks like an interesting board book of it.

Cyril died three days prior to the Césars cermony in 1993. Pctured below are Carlos López and Cyril in a screen capture form the film.Les nuits fauves par Cyril Collard aindreas-com
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