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Sunday with Miriam

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RTÉ – Sunday with Miriam & Irish Minister Leo Varadkar

Miriam O’Callaghan has a great weekly Sunday morning radio show, where she interviews guests podcast xml address below. ‘Tis always good to add quality radio to your Banshee etc.

On his 36th birthday, Minister for Health Leo Varadkar spoke to Miriam this morning about his career, his family and his personal life. He spoke for the first time about being a gay man. The first minister in office in Ireland to ever come out, good on him.
Podcast mp3 http://podcast.rasset.ie/podcasts/audio/2015/0118/20150118_rteradio1-sundaywithmiriam-ministerle_c20712766_20712767_232_.mp3.




Miriam O Callaghan RTE Sunday with Miriam
Miriam O’Callaghan’s weekly RTÉ radio programme – Sunday with Miriam podcasts can be found here:








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