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Mimamilist green flooring.

Interactive Stretchy Wall

Neat idea!
An interactive media installation created in collaboration with Mike Allison. A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire-like visuals and expressively play.
Now a whole wall of it at home would be so cool!


Am currently thinking renovating my house. Japan interior design team, bakoko made up of Kayoko Ohtsuki and Alastair Townsend… photos below are from their post http://www.bakoko.jp/87513/795943/works/m-mansion

Small house/ apartment renovations.
Small house/ apartment renovations.

small-apartment-with-modern-minimalist-design-aindreas-com-2 small-apartment-with-modern-minimalist-design-aindreas-com-3

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Suspended bed under skylight

Transforming Terraced Cottage

I live in Dublin, quiet close to the city centre in a cottage that is roughly a hundred and ten years old. It’s gone through a few renovations in that time, though not as many as I would expect. I want to renovate it.
Photo (c) Australian Design Awards of Atticus & Milo for Huntingtower wining entry way back in 2012. I like the height, drawers (in my mind they’re drawers) and shelves – no like the clutter.

Besides, my house is tiny, think small apartment size. So I have been looking into renovating a la Tokyo or Dutch style. Am not a fan of Dutch tiny hotel rooms, though like their ability to not go conventional but to go practical in design. This Bauhaus peutêtre thinking is even evident in Ireland, my bro has an apartment i

n a converted convent complex that Dutch city planners decided to copy cm by cm.
The bonus about a house versus an apartment renovation is I can play with height. I plan on excavating downwards.
The vimeo below is super exciting, love his use of the two hidden single beds, the wc/ shower, but mostly am excited about how he got it off the ground. He ran a crowdsouce competition on designing the apartment, won by two Romanian students.
Exciting times ahead!
Of the books I’ve looked into, Studio Apartments (Big ideas for small spaces) seems the more delectable.


Isn’t the suspended bed interesting, under all that light though would be a no go for me, interesting in other aspects though. Pic ref
suspended  bed mews renovation aindreas-com


I like what the folks did with the foldable exterior back wall and the clean white kitchen. Will definitely incorporate theses great ideas in my renovations.

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